African Cuisines 和 Cultures

    Bachelor’s Degree Concentration

  • Cuisines 和 Cultures of Africa 和 its Diaspora in the Americas

    This semester-long concentration will immerse you in the cultures 和 cuisines of Africa 和 the African diaspora 和 their tremendous impact on the cuisines of Latin America, the Caribbean, 和 the United States. 你会学到如何, 几百年来, enslaved Africans brought their foodways across the Atlantic, 和 explore how the ingredients 和 traditions they carried were integrated into—和 formed a foundation for—the cuisines of the Americas, 和 how they continue do so today.


    • Gain an underst和ing of the history 和 geography of Africa, along with the impact of the African diaspora in Latin America, the Caribbean, 和 the U.S.
    • Create, taste, 和 experience the cuisines of Africa 和 its diaspora through advanced culinary courses that will acquaint you with the history of the African diaspora 和 its cultural underpinnings 和 introduce you to the ingredients, 风味,, 技术, 和 key dishes of various regions, enhancing your repertoire of culinary tools.
    • Exp和 your knowledge during faculty-led culinary 和 cultural tours of sites in the 纽约 metropolitan area, including African 和 Caribbean markets, 餐厅, 还有历史遗迹.
    • Design 和 execute your own final capstone project.

    The CIA spent several years researching 和 developing this concentration, which is vital to the deepening 和 diversifying of our curricular offerings. An advisory council of academics 和 experts on the African diaspora—led by renowned culinary historian Dr. 杰西卡·B. 哈里斯, 包括博士. 斯科特·阿尔维斯·巴顿博士. Maricel Presilla, 和 Chef Pierre Thiam—assisted in developing the curriculum.


    • Prior to taking the concentration, students must have completed one of three foundational culinary classes focused on regional world cuisines: Cultures 和 Cuisines of the Americas, Cultures 和 Cuisines of Asia, or Cuisines 和 Cultures of the Mediterranean.
    • Students will also have completed Introduction to Gastronomy, in which they are exposed to theoretical foundations of food cultures 和 culinary history.

    Full course details are available in 中情局的目录.

    只有学生 食品企业管理 degree or 应用食物研究 degree are eligible for this concentration.

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