CIA 食品企业管理 Bachelor’s Degree

  • 食品行业由你来领导

    Is there a budding food entrepreneur in you? Do you see 你的self at the helm of a major food group? Whatever 你的 vision is, make it a reality with the CIA Bachelor of Business 政府 in 食品企业管理 在我们的纽约校区. Get ready to take charge of 你的 career with the 领导和管理专业知识 you need to thrive in the 业务 side of food, with 经过验证的实践教学 从我们的 industry-savvy教员.


    • 学会 识别市场机会 and create 业务 plans designed specifically for the food industry.
    • 锐化你的 业务, management, and entrepreneurial skills in finance, human resource management, foodservice management, and 市场ing and promotion.
    • 获得 现实世界的经验 通过一个 带薪实习学期 at one of CIA’s 2,000+ food industry partners. 已经有经验? 查看我们的 涡轮选项).
    • 加深你的实践知识 advanced cooking, pastry, or service management.
    • 设计自己的未来 通过一个 浓度 在烘焙和糕点方面, 饮料, 内部企业家精神, 状态, 或者是一种全球美食, 以及在…期间 国外旅游经历.
    • 与140多家招聘公司建立联系 在CIA招聘会, 包括罗盘集团, Delaware North/Patina Group, 四季, Hillstone餐饮集团, 万豪酒店, Unidine, 联合广场酒店集团, 和Wegmans.

    准备好开始了? 适用于今天!


    这是 你的 time. Take full advantage of the growing industry demand for professionals with the ability to identify, 市场, and develop profitable food 业务 enterprises. With this degree, you’ll be highly sought after in fields such as:

    • 企业管理或财务
    • Communications, public relations, and 市场ing
    • 企业家或餐馆老板
    • 食品管理或操作
    • 产品开发

    有这么多的可能性,我们的 职业服务 staff is ready to help you every step of the way. There’s no network like the CIA network, which includes some of the world’s most renowned culinary, 饮料, 酒店专家.

    CIA著名校友名单 和它的广泛性一样多样吗. They’ve found success doing what they love. 现在轮到你了.


    Students taking the Bachelor of Business 政府 in 食品企业管理 program may choose one of two areas of focus: 烹饪艺术 or 烘焙及糕点艺术.

    The 129-credit BBA in 食品企业管理, 烹饪艺术 focus includes:

    • 51 credits in culinary arts requirements
    • 36 credits in liberal arts requirements
    • 30 credits in 业务 management requirements
    • 3 credits in advanced concepts requirements
    • 自由选修课9学分

    The 129-credit BBA in 食品企业管理, 烘焙及糕点艺术 focus includes:

    • 52.5 credits 在烘焙和糕点方面 arts requirements
    • 34.5个文科学分
    • 30 credits in 业务 management requirements
    • 3 credits in advanced concepts requirements
    • 自由选修课9学分

    You will get a carefully designed mix of in-depth food- and 饮料-focused management, 业务, and liberal arts courses that build on the CIA’s renowned hands-on culinary or baking and pastry arts core.

    The curriculum features a semester-long internship experience, 以及你的选择一个可选, 专业学习方向 in areas as diverse as Advanced Wine and Beverage, 内部企业家精神, 拉丁烹饪研究, 还有很多其他的.



    • A high school diploma or GED credential.
    • This program is offered for in-person, full-time study at CIA’s 纽约校区. Students who complete associate degree programs at our other campuses may transfer to earn their bachelor’s degree.



    CIA is very committed to making 你的 CIA education as affordable as possible. Our costs are comparable to similar colleges, and here’s even better news—more than 90% of our students receive some form of financial aid.

    Don’t let applying for financial assistance keep you from going to the world’s premier culinary college. No matter what 你的 individual circumstances are, we will work with you to help make attending CIA an affordable investment in 你的 future in the world of food.

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  • 工商管理学院 Gonfalon


    The food-focused 业务 education offered through the 工商管理学院 is unprecedented—this level of high-end food, 饮料, and hospitality instruction is not found in any MBA program. The depth of research and experience provided by our expert faculty delivers industry-relevant learning ideal for today’s ever-expanding food world. These instructors have helped shape the advancement of foodservice and hospitality into the global 业务 model we see today. Students also have access to leading food 业务 professionals who share their insights. 学习 more about our faculty >
  • 你将学习的酷课程……

    很酷的课程 in 食品企业管理

    做食品生意 你的 业务 in the CIA 食品企业管理 degree program, with courses that may surprise you.


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    “The CIA exposes you to what’s trending right now. ”
    亚历克西斯布朗, 立博注册开户纽约办事处 Bachelor’s Degree in 烘焙及糕点艺术 Management student.


    Bachelor’s Degree in 烘焙及糕点艺术 Management
    “I knew the baking and pastry program here at The Culinary Institute of America was the perfect place for me.”
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    74% of leading food employers surveyed prefer to hire CIA grads.